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Mythic Design Studio was started in 2001 after I had finished taking post-graduate graphic design courses that included web design, page layout, book cover design and digital art and photography.


Thirteen years later Mythic Studio is still a premier Book Cover Design shop. Mythic has survived the long recession and the popularity of e-books, which at first seemed like they might not need book covers. As it turns out, most e-book authors who are professional writers—or are hoping to become such—do, in fact, want a professionally designed cover.


What you get when you hire me is simple: Quality.


Mythic covers are dynamic, will direct attention to your book, and will help sell your book. Some of my covers are beautiful, some are gritty, some are seductive—but what they all have in common is that they will catch the eye of a viewer from across a room or on Amazon or on a book review site.


I work closely with my clients. I ask to read at least one chapter of your book and see a synopsis to determine if I am the appropriate designer for you. Once we are in mutual agreement about my being the designer for your cover, I will ask you to send a deposit. I will then create one to three concepts and we will review them together. Once you decide which concept you prefer, I will go ahead and develop that concept into the perfect cover for your book.



After I have begun work on your cover, you as an author or publisher can relax.


It can be difficult for some authors to delegate the responsibility of creating a book cover for their literary work of art to a stranger. I can understand this—but few authors have expertise in understanding what makes a good or bad book cover. A reputable designer does have this expertise and should be given the space to create an effective and powerful visual experience.


My usual turn around time is about a month, but I can work faster if you are on a deadline.


There are links at the bottom of the page to go to  Mythic Rates  and also to e-mail. Or you can reach me by phone.





about Ben Bolt
Hi everyone, My artistic background started with a degree in English and Film Making from Boston University. While in college a portrait photographer gave me a Rolleiflex to encourage me to work with still photography as well as movie-making. I fell in love with the medium format twin reflex camera and never did work in film, which is a group venture. As time went on I started a family and became an author and visual artist as well as acquiring homesteading skills and building houses. I spent a lot of time perfecting oil and watercolor techniques and had darkroom adventures—swept away into the magic of light. I went back to school and studied Graphic Design, concentrating on Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. With my new skills I started a book cover design business in 2001. Finally, I was able to combine my artistic love of photography, painting, and carpentry into a talent for creating book covers and building sets for photo shoots. Many of the photos used for Mythic Studio are my own. Aside from building sets, finding costumes and setting up lighting for the sets and portraits, I continued working with Photoshop and Illustrator to push the envelope of creativity into the realm of Digital Art. This is reflected in my book cover designs. I do keep in mind, however, that the purpose of a book cover is to sell a book. If it can also be a work of art―then I am happy. –Ben Bolt PS: The picture at the top is of me and one of the family's four golden retrievers, Atticus. We had just had a firewood delivery last October and spent all day getting the wood put up for winter. I threw it into the woodshed while Atticus took it and ran into the woods and lost it. So I got to also go on a hike looking for the obverse of retrieving. He made me laugh and it is that kind of hard work that is very satisfying when it is done. I know I slept very soundly that night and was glad to be living in northern Vermont. In winter I move my studio near the wood stove and watch the snow pile up. The slowness of the large flakes gives one the sense of solitude that is needed to be creative. The picture of the log house at dusk in winter is our home—built by my amazing wife Jessica and myself, with lots of help from our five children.

 we can answer any questions you may have about creating a dust jacket, e-book or paperback cover for your book.  The process is easy with our help and experience. Please tell us what you envision.


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